24 May 2009

CHICAGO - The Musical

Caroline and Sharon as Velma and Roxie Gina and Caroline as Mama Morton and Velma

Billy Flynn and his ensemble girls

Craig McLachlan and Sharon Millerchip as Billy Flynn and Roxie Hart

Chicago is now playing at STAR CITY Casino's 'Lyric Theatre' and is AMAZING!

SO much better than the movie that starred Richard Gere, Renee Zellweger , Catherine Zeta-Jones and Queen Latifa.

Starring a wonderful cast of gorgeous men and women, it also stars the talented Caroline O'Conner as Velma Kelly, Sharon Millerchip as Roxie Hart, Gina Riley as Mama Morton and the sexy Craig McLachlan as Billy Flynn.

Unfortunately some old lady had a fainting spell during the first act (as did I when I saw all the hunky ensemble male dancers) but the show went on.
If your in Sydney GO SEE IT.....you'll be glad you did.

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